How I made my twin flame run this weekend and why I never blame him.

When I first started to share my knowledge of the twin flame connection last year. I was in the vibration of harmonious union. My physical harmonious union was imminent. It was then that I felt the inspiration to help others. In helping hundreds of others 1 on 1, this affected my own union because I was yet to learn the importance of pulling my energy in and also respecting my boundaries. I have finally learnt this and so I can truly enjoy the work I am doing. I have crashed my union/higher vibrations many times but that’s when I would delve into the spiritual work and I would bring myself and my twin back into alignment with love, causing me to feel his love and feel good. Sometimes when I don’t do the daily energy work my vibration can go down like last week. I’ve had days and weeks like this before and that’s ok because I am only human right?. Over a year ago my twin flame started following my work and liked everything I wrote. ( I manifested this so that I would not need to explain our connection, yes he is spiritual also) Then last week he would like, then unlike, then like, then unlike my posts. This annoyed me. Because I allowed my vibration to lower I had forgotten the truth and went into my ego. I told him in my head to ‘eff off or I’ll block you’. Two hours later when I got home I found he had blocked my page. Do you see why in this connection you can not blame your other?. You have telepathy. You have an emotional and spiritual connection.

The reason he was liking and then unliking was because my vibration was going up and down due to me not doing my daily work. ( the work gets less when you are physically in union although some energy work would still need to be done) If I was in a higher vibration I would’ve looked at what he was doing with a higher perspective but instead I responded with my ego, forgetting the inner truth. So I made my twin temporarily run.

When your twin runs you can make it temporary by not telling yourself that they are running, by not focusing on their absence, by not blaming, by not complaining and by working on your shared energy. Connect with the love within. It’s not easy once you go into so called separation but it’s an illusion. When you meditate/surrender and you allow your twin inside your heart, that is when you can trust that you are also in their heart.


You can Download my twin flame worksheet It has all the daily techniques to help you connect and get back into alignment with love/union/soul.

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