28 days to Inner Union

Up to 10 places available and we will be starting : Monday 23rd January

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After another successful course with a group of beautiful souls, I have decided to run a another course.

Many either had wonderful positive shifts, more stability and a few even attracted their twinflames back in which is a lovely side affect of the inner work.

Please note it can take longer for some to reunite with their twins but my goal is to help you find happiness in your journey, free you from pain, balance your energy, release your fear, connect within and come into the vibration of your physical harmonious union which is the abundance energy (JOY)

Are you in a twinflame connection but still stuck? Time to be consistent and need a push? I am offering 4 weeks of group and personal support starting from Monday 23rd January. 1 x 30 plus 2 x 15 minute personal coaching call. ( optional) Support group + Regular 121 Whats app communication with me + set tasks reminders from me. The support group with like minded people will be a closed Facebook group but this is also optional if you prefer to stay private and confidential I will be setting you tasks and keeping you on track. Rules: You are ready to take action and take back your power and you will do what it takes. I’m asking for 28 days full and complete commitment to you and your soul. Let’s heal: blame, doubt, resentment, giving away your power to others, lack of self acceptance, interference and separation consciousness. My goal is to get you back to who you are, gain self empowerment, become strong in your knowing with trust, intuition and bring you closer to physical twinflame harmonious union. Once you’ve purchased the course Please send me an email with your contact number and where you are based so that I can work out our time difference for our personal sessions. Email me if you have any questions at : amandahicks1111@gmail.com

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