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I am a singer- songwriter. I met my twinflame in 2013 after I cosmic ordered a soulmate to help me with my music career. When I met him two months later, I knew instantly he was my husband but I pushed it down and I went into denial, it was only once the universe had got my attention that I finally admitted it one year later. I sat with him and I began my kundalini awakening.

I began experiencing psychic visions and a shift of consciousness. That very evening I was shown our successful music career. I could see and feel energy and in that energy I could see what I was creating in the etheric realms before it would manifest. Whenever I doubted and delayed being with my twinflame, which many times I did because I was worried that maybe our kind of relationship wouldn’t be a foundation for my son, my spirit guides would show me our life, our career and our children. In the end I delayed it so much that I created a disruption in our connection which for five days caused me to get very ill and I didn’t get any sleep. I thought it was over, out of my hands and my heart was so broken in a way I’d never experienced in my life. Finally I was guided to clear the cause of our disruption by shifting my subconscious beliefs, although that still left us in an unneeded separation, I surrendered. At times I really struggled but bit by bit I got back up and as I truly got to grips with what was going on, I got back into alignment with love.

As I came to understand the truth of twinflame love and what we are here to do, I felt the inspiration to write and share my experiences to help other ladies with their journey.

To date I have written and contributed a chapter to the book ‘STARSEEDS’ releasing in winter by magazine Holistic Fashionista.

I have passionately created The Twinflame Worksheet providing techniques to help others understand and heal their unions.

I have blogged many of my experiences and I am in the middle of writing a book.

Amanda Hicks

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