Twinflames are not meant to go into separation.

Some twinflame guides are leading others to beleive separation is there so we can heal blocks to love but what if one of those blocks is a belief you must go into separation. We do not need to go into separation to become a better version of ourselves.

In fact even leading twinflame expert Cassidy cayne can confirm this.

So when I hear twinflame spiritual guides say to other twinflames ‘ that all twinflames go into separation and it’s unlikely to be a twinflame connection if they do not’, I do get very upset.

I would want the very best for every person experiencing this and would never want them to manifest a distance between them and their twinflame.

The pain can be excruciating and that’s not because we need to be rid of expectations or heal wounds, it is because we are missing them so deeply and that in itself creates a wound. In some cases separating causes sickness. Even I have suffered days and weeks of nausea due to our separation. I have not seen anyone talk about what happens when twinflames come apart, all I see is people being taught to survive without them when really they should be taught the tools to clear the separation. Separation from your twinflame is separation from love, from yourself and from god. please stop guiding twinflames down a dead end.

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If all else fails just surrender.

On one occasion when I was experiencing subconscious fear and it had brought my vibration down. A load of things kept going wrong for me, only little things but it was one thing after another and then finally when my phone stopped working for no reason, I needed it because I was about to go away for a few days, I’d had enough. I was exhausted that I was constantly dealing with things. I wanted a break so I surrendered. In that moment I decided to go with the flow and be present. what happened was wonderful … I started to feel amazing, I started to feel grateful naturally. within a few hours my phone started working which I was in disbelief but also things just started to go right. In fact I’d experienced the true nature of being present. My vibration lifted because I dropped the fear and in a matter of a few hours everything shifted.

Fear is like a curtain. It blocks people, good things and our twinflames from reaching us but the moment we let go .. it’s amazing what happens. In any moment you can choose to be happy by just being present.

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Your twinflame is waiting for you.

This is old news here but sometimes we forget the real truth. That our twinflames are mirroring our decisions, that we are one and not separate. For me it took me a long time to accept this because I thought it was crazy but I could see it happening. And how much did I need proof. The truth is your twinflame always loves you but in order for that love to show up physically you must undo the blocks to that love. For example if you are thinking about him or her with another then you are creating more of that. If you stopped thinking about them over there entirely then I promise you that, that will drop away and they will return to you. How they return to you is up to you.

do you feel lovable ? Do you feel worthy? Do you feel beautiful ? You really do deserve this.

If there are things that are not allowing you to feel loveable then what are they? Either address them or see them in a new way because no matter what, your twinflame will love you if you let them.

I have found that the more I allow my twinflame to love me, the more beautiful I feel and more beautiful I feel the more I let his love in which then builds our connection, brings us closer, raises our vibration and lifting my life experiences. Magic happens.

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Your reality matters as much as your spiritual evolution!

Saying that wanting sex, desiring romance, wanting children, getting married, wanting to spend time with friends, wanting to get up and perform or write. Wanting to run a business. Wanting to be abundant, Wanting to spend time with your children etc is all ego desires is nuts!

We are all here living a physical experience, the physical experience is just as important as your spiritual growth because your physical experience mirrors your spiritual growth. Did you not know that?

Why would you be here if your physical experience does not matter.

To live a life of joy, happiness and purpose is a lightworkers duty, because in doing so we show others the joy they can bring into their own lives.

To tell others that their desires are ego based is like trying to undo and damage people’s soul growth.

For me some of those things you call out to be ego based is fundamentally who I am at the core and some, are my life purpose.

It’s like as I am getting closer to reaching twinflame union and listening to myself more than ever, I felt the desire to write about it to help others lift and feel trust within themselves.

It was an inspired action.

DESIRE is a call from the soul.

I’m not talking about desires that are born from the need of love and acceptance of others. But desires that yearn so deeply from within.

My advice to every twinflame and any other lightworkers out there who are looking for advice is to listen to your gut, how do you feel when you receive information?

The information delivered does it feel good or does it go against your truth.

Eventually you will learn to trust yourself.

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What if you give up on your twinflame?

A couple of years ago when I gave up on my twinflame because I thought it was over and out of my hands. I searched desperately for answers to see if I could change my stance. I did not want it to be over. I caused a disruption in our twinflame connection with negative energy and I could not feel him anymore. All in all I realised I manifested this disruption because of a deep imbedded belief I fed myself with and this was that if I wasn’t with him by a certain time, our connection would fizzle out. Yes it’s a strange block isn’t it? but I believed it.

Before I was guided to reprogram this belief by speaking affirmations while falling asleep, I came across a video on youtube by a twinflame in union and he said that twinflames after connecting may release the soul contract and be contracted for another soul.

This put a lot of fear into me. I was certain it was over. Within a few days I asked my angels myself. Where normally they would answer my questions with visions, dreams or shouting at me while meditating, they could not get through to me as my vibration was too low. I was open to receiving an answer and they answered me with a synchronicity. Within an hour of asking I picked a movie to watch and on the opening the narrator said ‘There was a ring long ago, one ring made of two rings, It is said that even if separated they will always reunite’ . . My mind was blown and I was totally grateful to my spirits guides for being beside me. Since then I discovered that at times other souls can enter if we are out of alignment with our twinflame but actually the twinflame journey is never over. We can block it subconsciously or consciously yes but for how long?

We can not lose our destiny and our destiny does not change like I once believed.

We can create obstacles, we can come away from our soul path but it is always there.

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