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Desiring twinflame union is natural and is your soul calling. Desire is a good thing because it reminds you of what your soul wants to experience, it must not be dismissed but desiring also means you are without what you desire. Being in your union with your twinflame is also being in union with your soul because you are one consciousness. If you are desiring it, it’s because you are not in union with yourself, you are pushing yourself away. By being with your twinflame now, you instantly align with who you are just as aligning with your soul, pulls your twinflame in.

You can either align with your soul and attract your twinflame or manifest your union by getting into the vibration of being with your twinflame now and align with your soul.

I teach both.

When you align with your soul, you naturally magnetise your twinflame.

When you align with harmonious union, you will feel in love with each other, this is when you both embody your higher self.

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Hi my name is amanda and I’m a singer songwriter. In 2014 I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening whilst sitting with my twin soul at a performance. I was suddenly able to see astral energy, everything became translucent and powerful energy pulsed through my body.

Fast forward many years of beautiful ups and some terrible downs while managing my new found powerful energy, I finally gathered together a synergy of techniques to help me stay aligned and balanced. Once I’d successfully accessed my higher self on a more permanent basis and harmonised our union, I felt the inspiration to share it with others on the same path. To my absolute surprise my guidance has helped thousands of twinflames to either balance their energies, find their life purpose, come back into loving communication and even come into full harmonious union.

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87% said this meditation aligned them with their soul. Try it for yourself!


The twinflame journey is difficult in separation consciousness until you raise your vibration to the love vibration where it becomes incredible.

Every song I use for a twinflame message will be added to the Spotify playlist.

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