What is a twin flame connection?

It is one soul energy in two physical bodies. It is a divine connection of the soul that perfectly complement each other. They are brought together to experience true love, joy and share their gifts.

Once these souls are brought together, they experience a soul recognition known as a Kundalini rising. Their energies merge together causing them to feel each other mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Often they feel they are are in a loving union even without physical union, which is why so many that have found their twin flames find it hard to move on from another. If they do not feel like they are loving union, then their energies are out of balance.

When in harmony both twins are pulled together, both mirror each other perfectly and love is given and received in perfect balance.

You have the power to create whatever you choose within your divine unions.

My name is amanda and I have been experiencing the twinflame journey since 2014. Although I was due to be in physical union with my twinflame in 2014, I caused a physical separation. Not the universe, not god or my twinflame, but me. It was never preplanned and if I didn’t have a strong connection to my spirit guides and intuition, I may have been like many and assumed it was just meant to be. When I asked my spirit guides what I needed to do, they showed me the ‘energy clearing tool kit’ and told me I had all that I needed to manifest my union.

Bit by bit I discovered how my twinflame mirrored me. He would mirror my beliefs, expectations, my thoughts and my core choices. When I shifted, I felt him shift. When I lost faith, I felt him pull away. When I allowed him to love me, I felt him love me more.

So many believe it’s a force outside ourselves when in fact we are the force. We have the power to create what ever we choose within our divine unions. When one chases it is normally the one that leads the union to harmony. Most believe that the divine masculine have free will when if they acted on their free will they would choose their destiny, not a lower path. The divine masculine is the mirror of the divine feminine. In every thought or subconscious block that she has, her divine lover is there with her showing her, her blocks.

In my articles I describe my journey and how I come to understand the twinflame journey. I share my experiences along with techniques to help you connect with your twinflame deeper and to raise your vibration so that you can also choose union and not seperation.

Topics covered

twinflame separation and what causes it. Aligning with union and letting go of fear. The twinflame mirror, why it’s not them it’s you. Self love and raising your consciousness. Manifesting your dreams and co creating your reality.

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