Only you are the co-creator of your twinflame union.

Do not let someone else play god with their own preconceptions.

This is YOUR road to travel and YOUR DESTINY.

You already know what was and is meant to be, quieten those that think they know better, quieten your fears and listen to your dreams, your intuition and your desires. Your passionate desires will be shared with your twinflame. They are soul core desires. These desires give you a clue to your purpose with you and your twinflame. Often I hear others trying to tell the collective what is and isn’t meant to be, like it’s a fact but actually it’s just their opinion. I do not know where these people get their opinions from but I certainly know it’s not from inner knowing.

Twinflames do get married, marriage normally manifests when you reach harmonious union.

Twinflames can have beautiful children before and after marriage, if that’s is what brings you joy and that is your purpose. Then fulfil it. •

Twinflames are the most romantic connection. Many say it’s not about romance yet it’s the most romantic relationship you’ll ever experience.

It is a relationship that will fulfil you and bring you joy.

Twinflames do not need to go into separation.

People suggest you go into Separation because god made it happen or because you need to focus on yourself.

Actually separation is caused by too much negative energy in the heart connection. That is all. this is only caused by you.

Them ‘running’ is an illusion, their so called fear is not real. It is your fear repelling them. They do not know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

To end separation you need to master your mind, subconscious beliefs and raise your vibration. Bring yourself to joy.

Twinflames is not just a path to self love and ascension. It is path to true love, dreams, creativity, joy, good health, abundance, purpose and heaven on earth.

I totally agree with those giving advise on self love, removing blocks, energy clearing and self growth, but I do not agree with those telling someone what they can or can’t be or do within their unions. There are infinite possibilities.

Every journey is individual to the two souls involved.

(C) All rights reserved.

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One thought on “Only you are the co-creator of your twinflame union.

  1. I just felt the need to thank you for your share. I have been looking for answers about twinflames union and dark energy, and your words went right through my soul. And believe me, i’ve been doing a lot of search.


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