The twinflame burn is caused by negative subconscious beliefs and negative thinking.

The first I ever experienced this burning in my back and chest was a year and 1/2 after we found eachother. It was the first time I ever doubted my intuitive feelings that I’d be with my twinflame. Even though I knew I was going to be with him, knew when and how. I thought what if I’m wrong, what if the psychics were wrong, this is absolutely bonkers! I wavered from my faith.

I was in bed and I couldn’t sleep. I thought this was something serious, I was scared. I rang my dad and asked him what were the symptoms of a heart attack. I managed to rule it out. I did not know I was causing this burning with my thoughts. From this moment I continued to burn my twinflame and I. Even if I was thinking of him positively, as in not feeling any fear, if I thought about him out of alignment with me it still burnt me. I found this interesting as I thought it would be ok but I believe my soul and heart did not agree.

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