Narcissist or twinflame?

Twinflames are advanced, high vibrational souls. They awaken the kundalini within each other and continue to share divine, ascension energy. This powerful, healing energy pulses through their bodies and they have instant access to the 5th dimension. When twinflame energies are compromised either by others negativity, their surroundings or by their own lack thinking, twinsContinue reading “Narcissist or twinflame?”

Suicidal on the twinflame journey?

At least once in a twinflame connection if you’ve experienced separation consciousness, you may have experienced suicidal feelings or thoughts. Both twins have experienced this at some point. A twinflame union is not just about the other person and it’s not a normal soulmate connection. It is not like any old relationship you can throwContinue reading “Suicidal on the twinflame journey?”

Questions & answers

Thank you for all those that participated in the question & answer session in my Instagram story this week. I am so sorry I couldn’t answer them all as I received nearly 400 questions. I felt all your lovely energies and I totally enjoyed it. Hopefully this will help many of you on your pathContinue reading “Questions & answers”