Twinflames are not meant to go into separation.

Some twinflame guides are leading others to beleive separation is there so we can heal blocks to love but what if one of those blocks is a belief you must go into separation. We do not need to go into separation to become a better version of ourselves.

In fact even leading twinflame expert Cassidy cayne can confirm this.

So when I hear twinflame spiritual guides say to other twinflames ‘ that all twinflames go into separation and it’s unlikely to be a twinflame connection if they do not’, I do get very upset.

I would want the very best for every person experiencing this and would never want them to manifest a distance between them and their twinflame.

The pain can be excruciating and that’s not because we need to be rid of expectations or heal wounds, it is because we are missing them so deeply and that in itself creates a wound. In some cases separating causes sickness. Even I have suffered days and weeks of nausea due to our separation. I have not seen anyone talk about what happens when twinflames come apart, all I see is people being taught to survive without them when really they should be taught the tools to clear the separation. Separation from your twinflame is separation from love, from yourself and from god. please stop guiding twinflames down a dead end.

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7 thoughts on “Twinflames are not meant to go into separation.

  1. ALL of my life even from birth I remembered my Twinflame.

    Then one day the impossible happened.

    My Twinflame (the exact girl I remembered from before birth) appeared before me in the flesh.

    We both instantly remembered each other.

    We were ETERNAL lovers REUNITED!

    My Twinflames first words (she repeated to me twice) – as she placed her hands in mine – were “Sorry, but I’m married with a child”.

    I’d found her. She was real. But despite this she STILL could not be mine.

    While holding her hands she was still as physically far far far away from me as she had been for the whole of all my life.

    I let go. So as to NOT prolong the HEARTBREAKING AGONY and COMPLETE DISBELIEF of FINDING but STILL NOT being allowed to physically be with, to marry, to possess, to kiss and to hold and to make love with, to be with the love of my life and girl of my dreams.

    We met in December 2003.

    We were torn apart from each other before I even had any chance to ask her name or address or contact details (just incase she ever split with her husband – which I just knew she never would). I was doomed to STILL be physically apart from her.

    I since tried to trace her but to no avail.

    I pray to GOD that my Twinflame reads this and recognises herself and posts below to get in touch.

    I continue to hold out hope that she will of her own volition choose to get in touch, reunite and to marry me and our live together on Earth in the last few years before we die.

    Together WE are as ONE with GOD. Our mission being to bring GODS LOVE to EARTH!

    Nothing takes away the fact that I am eternally blessed to have the most perfect dream of a girl as my ETERNAL beloved and THANK GOD for HER.


  2. Separation may come from non-stop threats, intimidation, interference etc. from other people, especially those threatened by the two people involved even knowing each other at all, having any contact whatsoever. etc. I am not convinced at all that I am meant to be apart from such a person now or in the past!


  3. I am so happy and relieved to read your blog about twinflames not having to go into separation. Yes I’m on of those who actually believed it and now feel I attracted the separation into being which left me lost hurt in pain and confused. Thank you again


  4. I have lost my twin flame less than two months ago . He was ripped away from me in a horrible death .. I am suffering immensely. I am trying so hard to keep in contact with him spiritually. I could feel his presence with me until a few days ago . I asked him to come to me in my dreams , he hasn’t come . I’m lost without him & very afraid . I don’t know what to do ??


  5. I found my twin flame after being asked to help photograph a wedding at the last minute. I knew something was happening the instant I saw him, and he knew it too. I couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was suffocating being in the room with him. I was engaged to a man I had been with for 7 1/2 years. I had to leave him after a month of meeting my twin flame because I was sick everyday. I lost about 15 lbs during that separation and had zero energy. I didn’t even know about twin flames until I started doing research on why I felt this way about someone I had just met.


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