If all else fails just surrender.

On one occasion when I was experiencing subconscious fear and it had brought my vibration down. A load of things kept going wrong for me, only little things but it was one thing after another and then finally when my phone stopped working for no reason, I needed it because I was about to go away for a few days, I’d had enough. I was exhausted that I was constantly dealing with things. I wanted a break so I surrendered. In that moment I decided to go with the flow and be present. what happened was wonderful … I started to feel amazing, I started to feel grateful naturally. within a few hours my phone started working which I was in disbelief but also things just started to go right. In fact I’d experienced the true nature of being present. My vibration lifted because I dropped the fear and in a matter of a few hours everything shifted.

Fear is like a curtain. It blocks people, good things and our twinflames from reaching us but the moment we let go .. it’s amazing what happens. In any moment you can choose to be happy by just being present.

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