Why the twin flame label does matter.

I’ve heard so many people say that it doesn’t matter and yes I’ve even said it myself. For me I didn’t care if my twin flame was my twin flame, all I knew was he was my long term life partner. It was my spirit guides who wanted me to know what this connection was and that is because I needed to do the energy work. At first I didn’t believe it, even though when I had my kundalini rising I saw and felt it. I still doubted it because it was not logical to me. I would not do the energy work even though I was prompted to. It was only when I got into a bad situation that I asked for help and I was directed straight to it. I took it up and I soon experienced the positive affects of the energy work.

Although this energy work raises your vibration, changes your life and even helps with any other life long destined soul partner, there are two fundamental differences between a twin flame connection and any other soul connection. These are the instant mirror affect and the connection to source. With a twin flame you are one consciousness and when you make a decision, your twin flame makes that decision with you. With the twin flame you can be with them energetically and be in love without them being physically present. With the twin flame you connect to the divine directly and we co-create at speed lightning. We also access or strengthen our spiritual gifts. The reason people get into so much trouble on the twin flame journey is because they are unaware that every thought they have or every decision they make is mirrored instantly by their twin flame.

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