What if you give up on your twinflame?

A couple of years ago when I gave up on my twinflame because I thought it was over and out of my hands. I searched desperately for answers to see if I could change my stance. I did not want it to be over. I caused a disruption in our twinflame connection with negative energy and I could not feel him anymore. All in all I realised I manifested this disruption because of a deep imbedded belief I fed myself with and this was that if I wasn’t with him by a certain time, our connection would fizzle out.

Before I was guided to reprogram this belief by speaking affirmations while falling asleep, I came across a video on youtube by a twinflame in union and he said that twinflames after connecting may release the soul contract and be contracted for another soul, this was maybe true but it put a lot of fear into me. I feared it so much because my soul still desired it and yet I didn’t trust it. Within a few days I asked my angels myself. Where normally they would answer my questions with visions, dreams or shouting at me while meditating, they could not get through to me as my vibration was too low. I was open to receiving an answer and they answered me with a synchronicity. Within an hour of asking I picked a movie to watch and on the opening the narrator said ‘There was a ring long ago, one ring made of two rings, It is said that even if separated they will always reunite’ . . My mind was blown and I was totally grateful to my spirits guides for being beside me. Since then I discovered that at times other souls can enter if we are out of alignment with our souls or even higher divine soulmates can support your inner soul union if you first embody unconditional love, your divine femininity or masculine in perfect balance. The twinflame journey is never over, it’s always there when you get into soul alignment, the kundalini strengthens and your vibration rises. Just remember if the desire is in your heart and soul for your destined partner, then it is meant for you and you should trust it.

We can not lose our destiny and our destiny does not change like I once believed.

We can create obstacles, we can come away from our soul path but it is always there.

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