Why psychics can’t really tell you if they are your twinflame or not.

I never cared if my twinflame was in fact my twinflame. All I knew was, I was meant to spend the rest of my life with him. I knew he was special but I pushed it down, I had a child with my then partner and I did not want to change my life. When I spent time with my twinflame I felt an emotional intimacy I had longed for all my life. I fell in love him and I knew he’d fallen in love with me. We was doing a wedding gig and I was talking to a friend. she said he was very handsome, I was giddy and I replied ‘ he’s my second boyfriend’, He came over and she told him ‘ she says your her second boyfriend’

He looked at me, I saw the look on his face. He’s found me out. He just wanted a sign and he’s got it. The following month I fully admitted to myself I was in love with him. I was sitting with him when my awakening began. A week later I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. She talks about a spiritual awakening called a kundalini awakening. I knew I was meant to listen. I asked the symptoms. She described what I was experiencing. I went home and googled KUNDALINI and SOULMATE. It came back with ‘TWINFLAME’ I read the concept and rejected it. Even after everything I’d felt. I started going to psychics. I had many readings, It was because I was getting visions, energy shifts and I felt alone with it. Plus I didn’t trust my intuition entirely. I spoke with my friends about it but how can they understand it if I didn’t myself and I was going through it.

One psychic told me ‘his your twinflame and you know it’. She was a brilliant psychic. She read the higher energies. Many picked up on our ‘ANGELIC’ connection. As time went on, in the moments I doubted my connection the same people who saw he was my twinflame, said he wasn’t. (except for the first reader) even a twinflame reader changed his mind. I realised that if there was a subconscious block then the reader will be blocked from seeing. This is why it’s very important to allow the universe to show you.

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