There’s no such thing as a twinflame runner!

In fact some twinflames go straight into union. This may be because of their belief systems and ability to give and receive love in perfect balance. Yes you could say they are healed. But what is it to be healed? Is it not removing the blocks to love ? And what does it mean to do that? Is it really as hard as we are making it?

Some experts would say that we are actually not meant to go into ‘separation’. I know that I wasn’t meant to be apart from mine so I’m sure I’m not alone in this. what really causes this illusion of separation is just negative energy and alignment. Fear repels our twinflames, negative subconscious beliefs, anger, resentment, thinking about them with someone, somewhere else, doing something else actually aligns them with that. There’s a gold chord in our heart chakras, it lengthens, it retracts depending on what we are consciously and subconscious sending out to our twinflames.

Being intuitive has given me the gift to see this.

The other thing I have noticed is that although it may appear that my twinflame was afraid of me, he was mirroring my own fears. I was aware of this but just simply couldn’t understand it. It’s unusual isn’t it.

This connection is all about alchemy.

To shift your connection back to you. Stop blaming and stop aligning them over there. I know it’s not easy, it’s takes time, but practice it and soon it becomes second nature.

Start affirming/writing/thinking for your highest good, their highest good. Clear your blocks. What are your beliefs about love? Do you believe you deserve that love? What would it feel like ?

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