Why your twinflame is with someone that’s not you.

Because you are putting them there. …

I actually don’t believe it’s because

They’ve got a lesson to learn, Otherwise you wouldn’t have met them yet and I feel that too many in the twinflame forums would rather give their power away to something higher when really they have the power within themselves.

Me and my partner was going to be together a long while back. He would have done anything for me but I was not ready and so I delayed it. I decided to give myself six months to make myself ready for him, not only did I feel this go into alignment but I was working with other psychics at the time. . I delayed it again out of fear and eventually I got myself in a mess.

My thoughts manifested at speed lightning, By thinking about another possible perspective partner, because at times I wasn’t sure what I wanted, I could feel myself get into alignment with them and they would then contact me that day, sometimes within minutes.

Now if I was thinking about my man with someone or feared he’d go with someone else then I could also feel that go into alignment. So in no way is it he’s fault, in fact I could feel he’s despair and longing to be with me.

I got to the point where I would try to stop myself thinking about anyone at all and It was so frustrating at first because the more I tried to resist the more I created it.

I discovered that just imagining my twinflame with me it put a stop to my wondering thoughts but not only that, it strengthened our bond, aligns him with me and I feel he’s total loyalty to me. Although I’m not perfect and I do go down in fearful thoughts or I experience some negativity which then temporarily blocks us from ourselves. I am really beginning to get the hang of this.

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