Dreaming of your twinflame and what it means.

I am only drawing on my own experience here but I noticed that if he was about to return to me physically, it was like clockwork I’d dream of him. When we was in each others lives physically, I was dreaming of him all the time but as the energy weakened and we went into separation, the dreams stopped. I thought this was something to worry about until I started dreaming of him once our bond had strengthened. I have been up and down with our connection but I am finally getting there. What causes separation is fear. We have a thick gold chord connection at the heart chakra. The fear repels them, surrender and love magnetises them. learning to let go of fear in love is the goal and although easier said than done I find that meditation and energy clearing keeps him with me, affirmations allows him to love me and imagining him with me keeps us on the right path. Once I’ve raised my vibration and kept myself there, I believe that’s when we will finally be together again.

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