You wasn’t born to be unloved.

The truth is, love is always there and we are never alone. It’s very hard when you may have had a childhood lacking in love and nurture to then go on to a healthy relationship. It’s only when we tell ourselves a new story that we can then change how we relate to others. I myself have struggled with receiving love. My first soulmate I met when I was 20. He was emotionally unavailable, I was starving but he felt like home. When I shut down to him he then gave me everything I needed but I no longer wanted it. When I finally left him I attracted another soulmate, he was needy and I was emotionally unavailable. Even though that relationship ended abruptly due to my own actions I took 5 years getting over him while I was with someone else. I was always honest and my then partner knew I just needed closure. Finally I got closure and two month later my dream boat turned up. The love of my life! Although we should have been together I was afraid. I kept delaying us until I created a distance. One of my many fears was receiving love. I was afraid of being loved. He loved me in a way I’ve always dreamed but It scared the hell out of me and I didn’t feel like I deserved it. Now though I found a way to receive his love. The affirmations are really powerful and it’s created a new way forward. The most interesting thing is the more I let him love me the more others express their love for me. I feel cared for and nurtured.

No matter where you are in love, you can open to receive it, it is always there.

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