Your twinflame is waiting for you.

This is old news here but sometimes we forget the real truth. That our twinflames are mirroring our decisions, that we are one and not separate. For me it took me a long time to accept this because I thought it was crazy but I could see it happening. And how much did I need proof. The truth is your twinflame always loves you but in order for that love to show up physically you must undo the blocks to that love. For example if you are thinking about him or her with another then you are creating more of that. If you stopped thinking about them over there entirely then I promise you that, that will drop away and they will return to you. How they return to you is up to you.

do you feel lovable ? Do you feel worthy? Do you feel beautiful ? You really do deserve this.

If there are things that are not allowing you to feel loveable then what are they? Either address them or see them in a new way because no matter what, your twinflame will love you if you let them.

I have found that the more I allow my twinflame to love me, the more beautiful I feel and more beautiful I feel the more I let his love in which then builds our connection, brings us closer, raises our vibration and lifting my life experiences. Magic happens.

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