11.11 what this actually means to me.

When I experienced a negative blow to mine and my twinflame’s connection, by this time I was guided to energy clearing and I had surrendered. I could not feel my twinflame around me still and at this point I was still giving away my power, not trusting my own psychic abilities. I asked my ex boyfriend one Saturday if he feels I am going to be with my man. He answered ‘ mand you can have anything you want ‘ just then I picked up my phone and it said 11.11. I got a shiver ( what I call a spiritual chill ) I knew I was meant to take note. Although I was sort of aware of this number I didn’t really pay attention before because I thought it was a load of rubbish. I researched it that day. while I was still wondering what it meant for me, I meditated and I heard ‘ stay positive, he’s coming’ being shouted at me. I didn’t maintain my positivity otherwise I’d be laughing right now. I have noticed that the stronger our bond, the closer we are the more 1s I see. 11 when I’m on right path. 111 when our connection is strong and 11.11 when he’s about to return. I always see 11.11 now. It’s so bizarre, what I’m finding is that I enjoy the feeling of him but I’m still keeping us both in limbo.

To stay positive I’m having to do my daily gratitudes. Something i can be quite slack at even though it works. raising the vibe and staying balanced consistently is the key to success. That time will come.

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