Take back your power!

Two years ago when my connection with my twinflame reached its worse and I was totally lost, our energy was rock bottom. my guidance couldn’t reach me. I was giving away my power.

I reached out to a twinflame couple who had a massive following and were guiding others to union.

Within 5 minutes of the call I knew I’d wasted my money. Although I liked the couple, the chap got quite shouty. shouting ‘no mission, no union’

They told me that I had to go and feed the homeless because without doing something like such I will not get my union. I answered that I’d been shown many visions fulfilling very successfully my own life purpose with my twin. The reply I got, that I was speaking from my ego, I will only get my success once I go out and do something for the planet.

When they asked me what I was doing. I said I was lifting my vibe by eating healthy, energy clearing, writing music, performing and riding my bike ( not one that goes anywhere) . They was confused about the energy clearing and told me I don’t need to be healthy because they smoke and all sorts. I was also told riding my bike for fitness is man created… (but I loved riding my bike)

I have since discovered that the twinflame guides are no longer together and are in fact not twinflames. This makes total sense now as to why they didn’t understand the importance of raising your vibration and their energy wasn’t quite right.

At the end of day mistakes happen and everyone is human but it just goes to show that we should really trust ourselves first before we trust another.

I am grateful because that was my turning point. That was the day I changed.

I learnt that I already had the answers. That I no longer shall look outside.

That no one should be put on a pedestal.

Support is good but not guidance.

The truth is in order to come to union with your true love you need to be in the vibration of joy. Raising vibration doesn’t happen by fulfilling someone else’s life purpose.

Eating healthy and exercise helps with feeling good so does anything else that brings us joy.

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