Let your angels guide you.

I never really believed in angels but once I met my twinflame it took me to a whole new world. When I had a kundulini awakening, that very night I decided I wasn’t going to be with him. I had a child with my ex partner and even though the relationship was dead I was in denial because I couldn’t bear the thought of my child having parents in two separate places.

I had my first dream answering my fears, showing me a new way. A life with my twinflame. Whenever I panicked they always showed me our life, our career, our children and our marriage but I was always delaying it. eventually I was ready. I’d hit joy and balance, it was coming thick and fast, the energy was pulling through my legs, magnetising us, vibrating. He was everywhere. We was in love, and it was coming!!! Just as we was going Into harmonious union I went to a friend’s house, after that evening I could no longer feel my twin. What had happened?!!! I went into a depression, I felt nothing. So one night after a few weeks of depression I asked the angels what I’d done. I went to sleep and I dreamt that I’d burnt him with negative energy, surging from my hands into the back of his neck. While I was dreaming this I heard angel music, music that my humans ears would never be able to hear. It was like a 100 notes in harmony. I awoke at 430am with my vivid answer. The next night I asked what should I do. I again woke at 430am having just dreamt of opening a box with it saying ‘energy clearing tool kit’

it’s amazing how they communicate, sometimes with a white feather, Synchronicity, dreams and many other ways. We are not alone we just need to ask.

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