Signs your harmonious twinflame union is approaching.

Embodying your higher consciousness. Feeling your twins consciousness Feeling connected to the universe and every being within it. Feeling in love. Feeling alive. Feeling joy. Feeling beautiful. Feeling creative. Feeling inspired and taking action. Feeling your dreams coming to fruition. Feeling anything is possible. Feeling excitement. Receiving the love your twinflame has for you. FeelingContinue reading “Signs your harmonious twinflame union is approaching.”

Black magic and entity attachment has nothing on you.

I wasn’t sure if I should speak about this but it appears to be an unspoken subject and yet so many experience this on the twinflame journey so I’ve decided to share my experience here. First I want you to know I only experienced this because I let myself get very tired and secondly becauseContinue reading “Black magic and entity attachment has nothing on you.”