Twinflames meet once they are pure enough.

By the time I met my twinflame I’d been in a long intense relationship with a soulmate and a very short but painful intense relationship with a karmic soulmate.

My first soulmate who shares a lot of similarities with my twinflame, helped me to connect with who I was. I loved him.

My karmic, I did not like but the chemistry was intense. The relationship did not go as it was meant to go. I thought he’d rejected me but it turned out I rejected him and we both went on to other relationships.

It was only once I got closure and I learnt a lesson from him that I was ready and I called in another soulmate.

This one I wanted to last for the rest of my life.

Two months later my twinflame arrived.

The lesson was to acknowledge, love and accept my shadow side. That soulmate had all my negative traits and I didn’t like him. When I realised I treated him as badly as he treated me, I felt compassion and forgave myself.

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