Twinflame love can equal marriage, children and career.

It is not meant to be just a spiritual connection.

If you’ve decided this journey is just for healing then you are not aligning with your dreams. Having those dreams is not something to be ashamed off. It’s not ego based either. Somebody should not be shaming you for feeling those desires.

Our dreams are birthed from our souls.

I know I keep talking about this, I feel so deeply about it and it’s not because it triggers my fears but because I worry that others are being directed away from their true soul purpose and joyful lives.

Why would you not be worthy of spending your life with your true love? How does it feel when others tell you, you only met your twin to ascend and not to have the best relationship of your life. Does it feel right to you or does it feel like it goes against something you know inside yourself.

I myself was constantly shown my purpose with my twinflame which included our marriage, children and career to keep me on track. they were not the icing on the cake. They are part of the cake mix.

Yes my soul evolution is a major part of that mix.

When I made a right mess of it all, I was directed to raise my vibration and manifest it. So why is it so many are saying the separation between twinflames is created on purpose so that the divine feminine can heal her wounds. I know from my own experience that my separation was caused directly by me.

It is true that when divine feminine shifts, her divine masculine shifts but no one seems to mention that. They seem to call their twinflames unawakened or choosing his/her ego ….nope! unfortunately that’s not the case. If your twinflame is not choosing you then it’s YOU who is blocking him/her by focusing on them on the wrong path or by not feeling worthy of this love. It means you’ve still got work to do.

It is true that the healing of the wounds raises your vibration and in raising your vibration, you return to joy which reflects in your life and attracts your twinflame.

There is no love higher than the love you share with your twinflame. It is pure, magical and godly. It is true the more we surrender to the love for our twin, the more our hearts expand and the more we love others.

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