Ask the universe for what you need.

This twinflame journey is not easy, even though I’m in a good place now because I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. It has taken me long time to gather my knowledge and understanding. My spirit guides tried to tell me what I needed to do but I didn’t listen because I was riding high. It was only when I was faced with difficulty that I had no choice but to pay attention.

I ended up experiencing some real dark shit as I’m sure we all have and the pain had been horrendous. I finally understood why my spirit guides wanted me to learn techniques and use certain tools.

I have been lucky though, I had my two girls to tell everything to. My girls have been my rock on this journey. I had my favourite psychics to help me. A gentleman turned up in my life at the right time to guide me to clear negative energy out of my feet when I was getting the most horrid nightmares, he also rushed to my need and would hold me for hours when I was a mess.

I met a shamanic woman at the right time to make me aware of what had happened to me. My son who gave me insights at just the right time. My father who I was able to talk to. My ex partner and my soulmate also supported me. My sons nan who brought in some healers when I got quite ill and she looked after me.

But in some of my most desperate times of need when the universe didn’t have anything lined up I would ask the universe to help me and in that very moment, within minutes a friend would come to aid. That was everytime!. We are not alone. Just ask and they will help you.

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