During a painful time of healing and taking a step back from the love of my life I contacted Amanda. She advised me to affirm: he is here with me, he is my real husband. Miracles began to happen as I shifted my perception from him being there to over here with me and he started contacting me out of nowhere. I continued to affirm it and Friday March 1st he contacted me he wanted to see me. I ended the night with a kiss 💋 telling him: you’re my real husband. I love you baby.

Thank you Amanda because our egos fell and we are able to be real now.


I’ve worked privately with Amanda as well as purchased her work sheet. I’ve called her when I was coming apart on my journey & thought I was going to lose my mind, and she helped put me back together again, give me hope and guidance that I could keep going & exactly what steps to take to help me through. I’m so grateful for her work, energy, tools she’s created & her beautiful posts! All have been transformative for me.

Jenn Edwards

As those authentically experiencing the Twin Flame energetic phenomenon know, this realm is full of misinformation/disinformation and interference. Amanda is an absolute beacon of light, full of practical experience and wisdom, and she has served me in re-empowering and re-orienting on this journey. Amanda provided tangible and pertinent advice and practices specifically designed to get me back on my path, back in my power. I couldn’t recommend Amanda’s services enough.


Thanks again Amanda.

David from Canada

It was one day after I had just cursed out God for putting me through hell, that I found Amanda. She had written about the same topic I was mad with God about. I contacted her and she talked about how she had overcome it. I was on this journey for a while and I felt it was B.S. to make such a claim because I was already “taught” by twin flames in separation of how it should be. I was mad at life and thought why not give it a try with this as well and see how it goes. I paid for the sessions and after the first session, I felt a change of my vibration from quitting the journey to finding a new sense of purpose to keep going. This wasn’t my first time with a coach and I have to say, she taught me so much more THAN my own family or those coaches or so called astrologers had taught me in MY WHOLE LIFE!! I am writing this testimonial so others who follow Amanda can be reassured that she is the ONLY coach you will ever need on this journey. I am glad God made me find her as now I have learned so much that has ACTUALLY HELPED ME in my life!

Thanks again!

R. from U.S.A.

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