Signs your harmonious twinflame union is approaching.

Embodying your higher consciousness.

Feeling your twins consciousness

Feeling connected to the universe and every being within it.

Feeling in love.

Feeling alive.

Feeling joy.

Feeling beautiful.

Feeling creative.

Feeling inspired and taking action.

Feeling your dreams coming to fruition.

Feeling anything is possible.

Feeling excitement.

Receiving the love your twinflame has for you.

Feeling totally in alignment with your soul.

You love yourself fully.

You’re unique and you express your true authenticity.

Telepathy communication is free flowing

Never feeling alone because they are there within you.

You know you’re coming together with your twinflame, you can’t even doubt it because you are already energetically in harmony.

Seeing a thick energy around you.

Everything looks lighter and more fluid.

You are light.

You are radiant.

You feel compassion for others.

You forgive easily.

You see the beauty in every person you meet.

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One thought on “Signs your harmonious twinflame union is approaching.

  1. I have felt everything just like this, see so many celebration between us in higher dimensions during meditation etc., and yesterday when I thought he would want to make commintment, he wanted to separet fully. Why this happens? I thought we were so close to union..


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