The vibration of joy at 540 equals physical harmonious twinflame union.

540 and above equals TWINFLAME UNION at its highest version.

How I came to know this:

When I first had a kundalini awakening a friend through my ex partner heard about it and he desperately wanted to talk to me. I felt drawn to talk with him. When we met I discovered his profound spiritual knowledge. He wanted to know why I was so lucky to experience a kundalini awakening.

As he spoke I felt it was important. He told me about the HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS SCALE. He calibrated me at 542 –

he described me at UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. He was right, that was what I could feel.

In other meetings I did not feel so good and yet he calibrated me just as high as our momentarily feelings to not define our overall consciousness.

Interestingly on this scale it’s says it is joy. This was the moment I was just about to go into TWINFLAME UNION and I was MANIFESTING like crazy!. Throughout my journey when on many occasions I was about to go into union I was feeling unconditional love, it felt like a state of bliss, I felt love for everything and everyone.

I discovered that the vibration 540 and above is the vibration I needed to be in to attract my twinflame at his highest version.

This is not new spiritual knowledge, we have been talking about raising our vibrations for quite some time now.

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