Our destiny will always lead us back to love.

I read a comment a woman wrote in an open forum a very long time ago. She said her twinflame was with his nasty narcissistic karmic. She said the universe does not support her but supports them and it has done so for the last ten years. She had become very ill and alone.

I so deeply wanted to reach out to her.

I would have liked to have told her that actually the universe supports her and if she believed the universe did not, then the universe would mirror that back to her.

I wanted to tell her that the power was all in her hands, not her twin, not the person he was with, but in her hands. She could turn it around in a day. She could change that belief and start focusing on her highest purpose rather than what she feared. Because what is right for her is right for her twinflame.

All the lessons that we learn are there to remind us where we are not loving ourselves. If something doesn’t feel good then that is where there is a block.

So if you think that everything is not going in your favour and the universe doesn’t support you then re-evaluate that belief. The universe is always supporting you otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Try to surrender and allow it to guide you for your highest purpose.

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