Black magic and entity attachment has nothing on you.

I wasn’t sure if I should speak about this but it appears to be an unspoken subject and yet so many experience this on the twinflame journey so I’ve decided to share my experience here.

First I want you to know I only experienced this because I let myself get very tired and secondly because I manifested it.

I want you to know you have nothing to fear. You are so powerful and no harm can come to you. Your spirit guides and the universe has got your back. Also you manifest everything in your reality and if you have or are experiencing something like this on your twinflame journey then surrender and let your angels help you.

If you have not experienced this then please remind yourself you are safe and protected.

I created my situation because when I read about it happening to other twinflames, I aligned with it by fearing it in some way. I can tell you now I understand I direct my reality and nothing like this will happen to me again.

It was April 2016. It was just before I manifested an energetic disruption.

I do not remember when it began but I’d allowed myself to get quite fatigued. I kept passing over from one path to another and this tired me out. I experienced the strangest thing that I could not explain logically. I experienced an energy drain from what felt like little pockets in my aura. It felt like air was oozing out of my aura from many parts. I got lethargic in a different way and I even had no energy to think, but this is the strangest part, the energy rushed out only when I was thinking negatively, which was most of the time even if I was not aware of it. When I affirmed a positive affirmation it ceased but that was temporary. This frightened me. How could I go to the doctors with this. This was my aura not my body even though it affected my body. I told my family and I told my friends. I was not alone. One of friends asked me to go to yoga, how strange that I said yes when I had absolutely no energy. When we walked in I saw a woman with braids, she turned out be a shamanic. I knew straight away she was important to me as I could feel It.

Towards the end of yoga I broke down and asked the yoga teacher if she could help me. She did crystal therapy and kundalini yoga and I hoped she might know what had happened to me. I never mentioned my twinflame. I Just told her I was experiencing pockets of energy loss. I explained that I had a deep spiritual connection with this man I met. I told her he caused a Kundalini awakening and that I had many astral dreams with him. I said I’d become even more psychic, that I experienced being in between pathways and that I could see what was there.

My lady with the braids overheard. ‘So you’ve met your twinflame then?’ She asked. I was very emotional, needy and incredibly grateful that I’d met someone that might understand.

She asked me if I’d met him in real life or just in dream state and I answered well ‘he was my guitarist’.

She explained to me that it sounded like I had a negative entity attachment and that It was feeding of my fear. It must have attached to me while I was in between paths. I asked her what I needed to do and she said, ‘don’t think about it, just work on your self love and journal’.

Well I did think about it, how could I not, it was draining me. I think it was that evening when I my son went to bed that I sent it out of my aura. I commanded it ‘out of my body, out of my aura, out of my soul!’ just when I did that, there was a gush and the lamp shade splayed. You know one of those plastic dangly ones.

I could not logically get my head ’round it but after that the energy leaks stopped.

My sons nan looked after us a few days later. I hadn’t slept for days but I fell asleep the second night we was there. We went home the next day but there was something still not quite right with my energy. Although there was no leaking feeling there was something not right. so I rang a psychic again, this lady was never online but for some reason she was today. I asked her what was going on with my energy and she told me that someone had been messing with black magic and had done something to me. She asked me ‘do you have a blue plant pot in your garden?, she’s sent two people to your house, they came into your back garden and put something in it….it’s one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen, she’s jealous of your looks because you don’t like to admit it amanda but you’re very attractive and she doesn’t look very nice …..have you got any weird spots on your face?’

‘Erm well actually I do and when I saw it I thought ‘that shouldn’t be there’

‘yes she’s done something to mess with your mind and make you look less attractive’

I was in shock!!! because yes 5 days before, I heard people in my garden and when I ran upstairs to look out the window. I saw a boy and a girl standing on the other side of my fence giggling as if they’d been cault out doing something. I was almost certain they had just been in my garden but I wasn’t totally sure. I felt a really strange feeling like a sickly feeling.

I will never know if it was entirely true but all I can say is other psychics told me the same thing, I felt it but my logic brain is like is it really likely!! even my dad said he knew it was that. He said ‘mandy I knew it but I didn’t want to tell you because it makes it worse’

How on earth did he know that?

While going through all this I felt like a victim to my reality. it was only after some time that I could accept that I in fact created my experiences and I create my reality. If I have any fearful thoughts, I just redirect it with words.

What I did to clear it:

Other than speaking it out of my space, which I did on impulse. This is what she advised, the smudging stick worked straight away.

bathe in Himalayan bath salts five days in a row and then once a week.

White bubble around you both for protection every morning and night.

Smudging stick to clear negative energy from your body and home.

White candle burning to clear negative energy.

Use lavender oil.

Firmly speak it out of your space and aura.

More about this in my up and coming book due for release in march 2019

4 thoughts on “Black magic and entity attachment has nothing on you.

  1. You are not alone. I too am on the twin flame path, and have experienced having an entity attached to me out of my own fear. I got it cleared as soon as I got back in my own center and trusted myself. It was self doubt that caused it. There were people I trusted WHO didn’t believe me when I told them that I had an entity attached. I am healing from it now by trusting myself completely, my own feelings and have let go of the fear of losing my twin flame. That fear was partly responsible for an opening in me so an entity could get attached.


  2. Similar has happened to me only this summer. I felt a connection but did not know what was it about. I thought I met my twin flame. I think he is but he is on another planet & life path. With I met him earlier. Either way I learned from internet that there can be energy leaks when attachment is made. Some bioenergy specialist scanned me & also said there was a heart chakra spell on me. (No wonder I fell in love like mad) I worked & meditated on him to stop to connect to me because in life he was clearly to busy for me or not that into me. Super weired story.
    I could tell u more. If you like email to me.
    Thanks for share.
    I also wonder what happened to the guy you met. Did u stay together?


  3. Thank you so much for sharing! How exactly do you mean when you say you created your own reality, since it was these people who did the black magic on you? How could you have prevented that, you mean? Curious, trying to understand as much as I can about this whole journey!


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