Why your twinflame cannot communicate.

If your twinflame has stopped physically communicating with you it’s because he or she cannot, so please do not blame them. he or she doesn’t know why this is.

Personally there were times when I couldn’t communicate either and I didn’t know why. I thought there was something wrong with me but actually it’s because there was too much negative energy caused by subconscious and conscious fear, causing the bond to weaken.

When your connection isn’t right in 5d, your 3D reality will mirror this.

This means that if you cannot feel them so strongly, if you are feeling anxious, fearful, doubtful, anger, resentment, sadness or a burning in the chest, this is not the time to reach out to them.

Do not focus on the separation as you are choosing more of it, let it go and know that it’s just an illusion.

Once you surrender/meditate ( allowing their souls to return) and raising your vibration ( lifting your connection) they can be in your 3D reality again.

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