Signs of a twin flame bond

These are the signs of a twin flame connection. please remember if you’ve met someone whom you love and there is a loving connection between you then it does not matter what the label. Go with the flow and trust your soul. I did not care if my twin flame was my twin flame as I was shown our life together and that’s all that mattered to me. I felt deeply he was the one but my spirit guides wanted me to know he was my twin so that I’d do the energy work. I rejected it but in the end when you’re dealing with this kind of connection, you have no choice but to accept it.

If you are wondering if someone is your twin then just ask your spirit guides, it’s likely they will guide you to the answer when you are ready.

These are some of the signs below:

A Kundalini awakening Primal energy like a coiled serpent located at the base of the spine from the root chakra. When this dormant energy flows freely upward through the seven chakra, it leads to an expanded state of consciousness.

Instant shift of consciousness The pineal gland is activated, a major change in consciousness takes instant affect.

Unconditional love felt by both twins for each other but also a vibrational state they reach once they raise their frequency.

Feeling divinely loved even when they are not physically together both twins feel this love is godly and feel connected to source.

Purity in the connection Twin flame energy is angelic and pure.

Feeling your twin with you as you are one consciousness so you get to feel their presence where ever you go. You will never be alone again.

Telepathy like no other telepathy, it’s a sharing of the emotions and thoughts. This connection needs clearing to keep the channel open and the bond strong.

When meditating feeling the bond get stronger because your twin is connected at your heart centre so when you meditate, you are releasing your resistance thus the bond builds and the souls return to each other.

Intense sexual energy caused by kundalini rising.

A purging of negative energy. Normally caused by negative thinking, unconscious negative beliefs or clearing old patterns.

Ability to manifest fast we all manifest but being connected to your twin raises your vibration so high it speeds up your manifestations.

Your twin knowing you like no other an intimate connection like no other because you are each other.

Shows you your subconscious beliefs your twin flame will physically act out every belief you hold.

Responds to your decisions your core choices are mirrored by your twin flame instantly as you are one consciousness.

The same life goals your passions and dreams will be mirrored and will compliment each other.

Shared core values you will hold the same deeply imbedded beliefs.

Joy in finding each other even before the Kundalini awakening you will feel the magic of this person coming into your life. You will feel your life has changed forever. You cherish the moments you spend with twin flame.

Feeling you’ve found your best friend not just a lover but a brother or sister feeling. They are family.

Unable to break the bond no matter how much you fight, no matter how many times you let go, they keep coming back and the love just gets stronger.

Thinking about each other all the time because you are in love and you are always together.

A magnetising pull between you. when all resistance has been released the soul goes back to where and whom it belongs.

A deep knowing this is your true love you feel it from deep within that you’ve been here before loving this soul eternally. You even get many visions.

Angelic guidance bringing you together The angels divine guidance work to help you unblock your resistance to this divine love and showing you the way forward.

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YouTube YouTube – Signs of a twinflame

If you’d like to heal your twin flame connection then you can download The Twin flame Worksheet In doing these exercises daily you can clear your bond, maintain alignment with union and if consistent, get into full harmonious union with your twin flame.

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