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28 Days to inner Union

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• Coaching phone call

Due to demand, I have decided to bring back my 121 calls.

I am Uk based. Please contact me to book your session at :

I’m available Tuesday – Friday mornings/Evenings

30 minutes for £55 for returning clients or 45 minutes for £82.50 for first time sessions.

Please contact me and send me your location (to work out our time difference), tell me the time you wish to book, your name and your phone number.

After we’ve agreed your time please pay for your booking to confirm

Contact me :

The call will be via what’s app or Skype if you prefer.

The session will start with you sharing a bit about your connection and then I will give some guidance and answer any questions. You will come away with clarity and a vibrational lift.

Please note: I do not do psychic readings.

The reasons are readings can and do change within moments and so I prefer to give you the tools to align with your destined path, your twinflame union.

I also offer :

The Twinflame worksheet. Everything here I teach in my sessions or the audio session which is like a 121 session.

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