My Services

I am offering 15% discount until Friday 4th December 12pm UK time.

Also: I will not be available for coaching from the 19th of December until the 16th of January other than my existing clients. 

I now offer coaching sessions:

30 minutes @ £35.00 £29.75

1 x 45 minutes @ £52.50 £44.63

1 hour @ £70.00 £59.50

Please note: I do not give psychic readings.

what can you expect from one of my sessions?

I will lift your vibration ( I am always told that I lift people’s vibration which is such a lovely compliment.)

I offer a listening ear, guidance and love. I set out tasks to help you take back your power on the twin flame journey.

At this moment I only accept payment through

PayPal :

How to book a session:

Please Contact me to send me your location and your best times available. Once we have arranged a time, make a payment to confirm your session.

Alternatively for twin flames you can download The Twinflame worksheet. Everything here I teach within my sessions.

Now I offer online CHAT for those with busy households are with only a few questions. CHECK TO SEE I’M ONLINE and if I’m not, you can be notified when I become available again.

Speak to you soon.

With love