Suicidal on the twinflame journey?

At least once in a twinflame connection if you’ve experienced separation consciousness, you may have experienced suicidal feelings or thoughts. Both twins have experienced this at some point.

A twinflame union is not just about the other person and it’s not a normal soulmate connection. It is not like any old relationship you can throw away when it gets tough because this is your destiny. You and your twin hold divine energies in unison, you are here to ascend and fulfil a life purpose together. It’s why you came here and when inner union aligns, you align with your core self and vice versa.

So what happens when you’ve experienced trauma on your twinflame journey or when you’ve built up mental or emotional blocks to your destiny: you lose faith in your physical union but the problem is this also blocks your inner union.

Because your life purpose and soul alignment is linked to your inner union, losing faith in your outer union not only blocks your core alignment, it’s blocks your life purpose and It’s blocks your lively essence. It blocks everything that you are.

You whole life was leading to your ascension with you twinflame so when you unconsciously give up on your destiny, your life will feel like it has lost meaning.

Even if you have children to take care of, your soul will be in devastation.

At times like this I’ve experienced something called soul shock and everything around me fell apart so quickly. This soul loss can manifest in many different ways, it may even be a mild apathy.

First I want to remind you that what you are feeling right now, will pass by tomorrow because emotions fluctuate. So don’t make any definite decisions.

You are always supported and guided onto the right path, your journey is supported by the universe. There are angels around you all the time trying to guide you. So take a break but don’t give up.

You’re really precious and beautiful no matter what your reality is showing you. You are deeply loved so much and this is the only truth.

Your twinflame was brought to you, to come into whole spiritual and physical union with you. This is not a trick. The only tricksters are the entities and people trying to convince you to not fulfil gods purpose.

Physical blocks to your union are an illusion, I’ve witnessed stubborn blocks drop away in moments because I pulled my focus away.

Depression is caused by misalignment with the core self and lower energies which you can easily rebalance.

God is love and anything that manifests, that’s not for your highest good is not of god so remove your focus from it and choose to trust again.

Don’t do anything, take a break but the one basic technique I recommend is grounding. My grounding technique is a bit different to the normal grounding techniques you hear about. Grounding on the go where you watch a movie, cook a meal, talk on the phone while just feeling into your feet.

Put your hand to your heart and speak “I surrender to my divine path“ or “I am loved and cherished” or any other affirmation that realigns you with your soul. Then continue to feel into your feet while doing something that relaxes you and you will come out of that hopeless, lower state which means your perception will change.

Lots of love


For more on how to align with your soul you can book a session with me please contact me here or you can download The Twinflame worksheet.

One thought on “Suicidal on the twinflame journey?

  1. Thank you. It’s been a journey, a hard one, with my twin for 4,5 year now. Especially on days like this, sometimes I don’t understand why love have to be so though…


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