You have to be in your femininity for your twinflame to take action.

I’ve always been in my masculine energy and rather action orientated. When I met my twinflame I never thought I’d have to do all the date arranging and the initiation of the communication but that’s what happened. I was baffled, why was this man that I loved so layed back?. Why was he not showing up for me?. I asked him to several dates which he always replied ‘I would love to’ but I didn’t follow through accept for one as it made me feel like I was in control and I didn’t want that. The balance didn’t feel right. I wanted to be swept of my feet. He kept promising he could be romantic but I saw no sign and was never going to see it unless I shifted. I didn’t know this at the time.

It was only later on my journey when I shifted into my femininity that I felt him shift simultaneously. Even his appearance changed!. He became strong, manly and action oriented and I became feminine, totally divine and RECEPTIVE.

This imbalance seems to be the common theme in the twinflame connection, if the divine feminine isn’t chasing, she still may be chasing energetically. PULL YOUR energy in.

Give your twinflame a chance before you go off with another if you can go off with another.

If he’s not rowing the boat then you have yet to put the oars down. Do not blame him as it is about balance and you being the goddess means he responds to your energy.

You are one!.

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