Your reality matters as much as your spiritual evolution!

Saying that wanting sex, desiring romance, wanting children, getting married, wanting to spend time with friends, wanting to get up and perform or write. Wanting to run a business. Wanting to be abundant, Wanting to spend time with your children etc is all ego desires is nuts!

We are all here living a physical experience, the physical experience is just as important as your spiritual growth because your physical experience mirrors your spiritual growth. Did you not know that?

Why would you be here if your physical experience does not matter.

To live a life of joy, happiness and purpose is a lightworkers duty, because in doing so we show others the joy they can bring into their own lives.

To tell others that their desires are ego based is like trying to undo and damage people’s soul growth.

For me some of those things you call out to be ego based is fundamentally who I am at the core and some, are my life purpose.

It’s like as I am getting closer to reaching twinflame union and listening to myself more than ever, I felt the desire to write about it to help others lift and feel trust within themselves.

It was an inspired action.

DESIRE is a call from the soul.

I’m not talking about desires that are born from the need of love and acceptance of others. But desires that yearn so deeply from within.

My advice to every twinflame and any other lightworkers out there who are looking for advice is to listen to your gut, how do you feel when you receive information?

The information delivered does it feel good or does it go against your truth.

Eventually you will learn to trust yourself.

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