What a kundalini awakening feels like.

I’m sure they all can differentiate. The first time my kundalini awakened I was having dinner with my twinflame and suddenly something happened. I began to sweat, I became flustered, breathing heavy and was disappearing under the table literally. I did not hide any of it. He sat there all calm like ‘ yep I’m doing this to you’ what a sod! he said to me ‘it’s just our chemistry because we are both are abnormal’. I started to feel drunk!. What was this?! Unable to deal with this energy I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. that was when I saw his aura, I was baffled. How is it possible this guy has got the same aura as me, we are not even similar, I was loud and he was gentle. This thick energy was coming from just above him. Going into me, like rain. It wasn’t coming from his body … yet. This confused me. I felt absolutely beautiful, so feminine. I felt like I’d finally found myself. I felt deeply loved. He loved me but didn’t love me.

We was standing at the bar and I thought that if either one of us walked up to someone without looking they would not know which one was there. What a strange thing to think. I even thought that if I was a man that he’s name would suit me. I didn’t know about twinflames back then but I look back I realise I did know, I must have known otherwise I wouldn’t have had those thoughts. That night i saw the other half of my soul. I knew this was divine love I just didn’t understand it. It took me a long time to accept this connection as I could not logically explain it. From that point I became more psychic with new healing abilities. I could feel energy surging through me and can see energy. Experiencing energy shifts and what people call ‘purging’ was not easy. This is caused by my negative thoughts only. The walls became fluid, everything became brighter and lighter. My sexual energy went through the roof! Anything I thought about manifested fast. So that is what it’s like.

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