Are you choosing union or separation?

Some twinflame guides are leading others to beleive separation is there so we can heal blocks to love but what if one of those blocks is a belief you must go into separation. We do not need to go into separation to become a better version of ourselves.

In fact even leading twinflame expert Cassidy cayne can confirm this.

So when I hear twinflame spiritual guides say to other twinflames ‘ that all twinflames go into separation and it’s unlikely to be a twinflame connection if they do not’, I do get very upset.

I would want the very best for every person experiencing this and would never want them to manifest a distance between them and their twinflame.

The pain can be excruciating and that’s not because we need to be rid of expectations or heal wounds, it is because we are missing them so deeply and that in itself creates a wound. In some cases separating causes sickness. Even I have suffered days and weeks of nausea due to our separation. I have not seen anyone talk about what happens when twinflames come apart, all I see is people being taught to survive without them when really they should be taught the tools to clear the separation. Separation from your twinflame is separation from love, from yourself and from god. please stop guiding twinflames down a dead end.

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