Being in alignment with another man does not mean you are meant to be with them.

It means you delaying your twinflame union.

Many in the twinflame forums say they’ve met another man they are attracted to because they are meant to be with them but actually attraction is just alignment. It means you have gone out of alignment with your twinflame which means your twinflame has gone out of alignment with you.

I found that even thinking of another man, they would call me and try to initiate something. When I stated out loud that I no longer wanted a person to contact me they literally would disappear.

If you’ve met your twinflame, your kundalini has been activated and you choose another partner that’s not of your soul, you will struggle to fully be with them. The kundalini is only active in soul alignment. I experienced soul shock and a broken heart that caused it to fully close. When this happened to me my lips went blue, I couldn’t feel my body or emotions and I was freezing cold to touch. This happened because I thought it was over and out of my hands but I was guided to retrain my subconscious beliefs and within 5 days of illness and 2 days of retraining I was back on track.

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