Believe in yourself so much so that you become unmovable!

Although at the beginning I did make some fierce moves due to my guidance, I actually struggled to have full on faith in myself and my intuition. I even doubted my spirits guides, I thought they were trying to trick me. I got triggered constantly because I gave my power away. I let people around me decide if it was going to be okay or not, even though I already knew what was ahead.

Most were on my side but some were not.

Those that were not, really negatively affected my vibration. Although I am still met with negativity they no longer affect me.

If I read someone else’s twinflame story, it triggered me. I actually created some of the negative experiences in my own reality from reading other people’s twinflame journeys. I did not know this at the time, I knew I manifested some things, I did not realise that I was creating all of my reality.

Now off course there is a soul path and our angels are always nudging us, but with the laws of attraction we are always creating our own reality.

Two years on there is nothing that another can say that can trigger me, I feel so very blessed by this but it has taken me a long time to get there.

I hope sharing this will give you some hope if at this moment you don’t fully trust yourself.

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