The universe will keep telling you until you get it.

Earlier on, in my twinflame journey I came across Remi and Jills energy clearing on YouTube. they are twinflames in union.

I remember one night when I was on my own I asked out loud ‘do I need to do the energy clearing?’ Straight after I got a spiritual chill. So I asked again and I got another spiritual chill. I asked six times in total and everytime I received a spiritual chill. I knew it meant yes. But did I do the energy clearings … no!

I didn’t understand it fully and I didn’t know why it would affect my connection. Sometime later on my journey I sat in the garden and asked which energy clearing do I need to do. That moment I looked on my Facebook and the most unlikely person posted a twinflame post. I clicked on it and it took me straight to Cassidy cayne’s energy clearing tool kit. Did I listen … no!

It was only once I’d experienced a knock down on my energy and I went from just about go into full blown union to not being able to feel my twinflame anymore that I was forced to do something. I asked one night what I’d done and I was shown in a dream that I’d burnt him. The next night I asked what should I do and I was shown myself opening up a box saying ‘ energy clearing tool kit’ I finally began and I lifted our energy back up. It took me a few weeks of doing live clearings everyday and then I used the free clearing tool kit after. I brought us back into the vibration of union. Since then I had brought us to the brink of union so many times and I finally understand that its about continuing the process of keeping us up in vibration even when things are looking great as at any point something can shift.

The angels are always guiding us and they continue to do so even when we make mistakes because they believe in us and they know we can do it.

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