A soulmate is nothing like a twinflame but a twinflame is a soulmate.

Many soulmates in physical union claim to be twinflames because I assume they don’t realise they are not.

This doesn’t ever matter until they start giving out information that can be destructive.

With a twinflame you are two bodies, one shared consciousness.

We talk about telepathy but it’s very different with a twinflame or a higher divine soulmate.

My son would often mention what I’m thinking about and I use to have some sort of telepathy with an old soulmate but with my twinflame, I feel him present 24/7, I have no privacy, I have even heard him speaking to me and at times he would come up to my face and answer my questions while I was meditating.

With a twinflame connection the heart chakra expands in meditation, it can actually cause discomfort.

There is a thick divine energy around us and we can see this energy. Everything looks more fluid.

This energy shoots and surges through our bodies.

We feel connected to everything and everyone. (this is an amazing gift)

When we think about something we begin to feel that thing in the energy around us before it arrives.

Twinflame love is the most romantic love to ever exist but it’s also about ascension.

Its not about one or the other because you can not have one without the other.

Even those who claim it’s not about physical union, struggle with cycles of pain and depression because they are running away from their twinflames.

Twinflames evolve simultaneously together, there’s no getting bored or leaving them behind.

Our twinflames are present around and within us. It’s not a case of ‘ I think I can feel him’ There’s no doubt. It’s really powerful.

A twinflame always mirrors you, they are you, you make every decision together but you are the leader.

It’s not that they don’t want to be with you it’s that you have repelled them with negative energy and you have not gotten into alignment with union.

Everytime you blame them, you are creating more distance.

Stop blaming them and choose to see them as unseparate from you.

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