Narcissist or twinflame?

Twinflames are advanced, high vibrational souls. They awaken the kundalini within each other and continue to share divine, ascension energy. This powerful, healing energy pulses through their bodies and they have instant access to the 5th dimension. When twinflame energies are compromised either by others negativity, their surroundings or by their own lack thinking, twins go into physical separation but the astral union continues. The physical separation is an illusion and It will most likely feel worse than death until they learn to balance their energies within.

Not one of a twinflame set is a narcissist. Narcissists are souls who lack their connection to source.

The twinflame connection is so pure and should not be compared to a low grade obsessive, dysfunctional attachment. It most certainly can become obsessive if there is a lot of fear built up in the divine connection but once you clear this fear energy over time, the love becomes pure and unconditional again.

When people express their negative thoughts or beliefs about twinflames, you know it’s not coming from god, right?

The problem with so many people jumping on the twinflame label is that there is so much misinformation and true twinflames can and do get delayed because of that negative, darker energies affecting the higher conscious energy, until they learn to ground. I guess the good thing is the more a person holding a higher conscious connection is triggered, the more it helps them to decipher what’s true for them.

If you want to know if something you’ve heard is coming from the soul, listen to the sound of their voice or feel the energy of their written words. How does it make you feel at the core? You can sense a purity in someone’s tones and energy. Does it make you feel uplifted? You can feel their soul in their words. You can see if they are soul aligned or even embodying their higher self by looking at them.

You can also tell when someone is sharing relayed information rather than what they’ve got from connecting within. Off course often information can resonate and confirm what we already know but when it’s coming from someone who have yet to discover their authenticity, It’s flippant and flaky.

I honestly feel that people who are not in a twinflame connection should stay away from sharing knowledge of this divine connection because it negatively impacts the collective. I am also aware that some true twinflames go into their egos at times and publicly rip down the divine connection. I recommend not doing this publicly because it also affects the collective negatively. What I knew from being soul aligned is nothing compared to the downloads I received while embodying my higher self. In fact I never felt the soul urge to write about this connection until I was aligned with my higher self. I received these downloads and I get this knowing about the twinflame journey because I’m suppose to know for my purpose. If I don’t need to know or I don’t feel a soul desire to know, I don’t receive a download.

What to do

If you are wondering if it’s a higher love connection or a narcissistic/lower attachment then I recommend focusing on yourself to get your vibration into the abundance energy. Embody your higher self and you will harmonise your union if it’s your destined love. If it’s not your destined higher love connection, problems will arise because your vibrations will no longer match with each other. It’s not possible to be aligned with your higher self while your twin is not because you and your twin are one.

No matter who you are and what you are dealing with, if you are someone that is triggered by outside influence a little too much then connect within by daily meditation and grounding. Do it religiously like brushing your teeth. I use to say I couldn’t do it but how wrong was I? When it became my last resort, I did it.

Discover your authenticity so that when you are met with doubt, fear or judgment from others, you are strong in yourself and your knowing.

With so much love


For more on how to align with your soul you can book a session with me please contact me here or you can download The Twinflame worksheet or my twinflame audio.

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