How do you stop overthinking? By feeling!

This is a question I get all the time, ‘ how do I stop over thinking?’. I have to tell you it took me a long time to realise what I was doing. I’d made a mess of my connection by overthinking and I never believed I’d be able to get out of my head. It sounds so easy when you get told ‘just stop overthinking’. I never found it easy, I felt stuck and for a very long time. I would ask ‘how?’ but no one told me you needed to feel instead. So by chance I noticed I was no longer in my head when I was just ‘feeling’ my body. I’d be present in what I felt so for example feeling what I feel in my heart, feeling what I feel in my toes. This is when I was unblocking my connection. This is when the energy got stronger, this is when the resistance was released. It was my thoughts that was creating my fears which was blocking my love. I feared my thoughts because I discovered how quickly I manifested things I thought about but when I’m in my body my thoughts just pass through. I hope this helps.

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