Twinflames meet once they are pure enough.

By the time I met my twinflame I’d been in a long intense relationship with a soulmate and a very short but painful intense relationship with a karmic soulmate. My first soulmate who shares a lot of similarities with my twinflame, helped me to connect with who I was. I loved him. My karmic, IContinue reading “Twinflames meet once they are pure enough.”

Why your twinflame cannot communicate.

If your twinflame has stopped physically communicating with you it’s because he or she cannot, so please do not blame them. he or she doesn’t know why this is. Personally there were times when I couldn’t communicate either and I didn’t know why. I thought there was something wrong with me but actually it’s becauseContinue reading “Why your twinflame cannot communicate.”

Believe in yourself so much so that you become unmovable!

Although at the beginning I did make some fierce moves due to my guidance, I actually struggled to have full on faith in myself and my intuition. I even doubted my spirits guides, I thought they were trying to trick me. I got triggered constantly because I gave my power away. I let people aroundContinue reading “Believe in yourself so much so that you become unmovable!”

A soulmate is nothing like a twinflame but a twinflame is a soulmate.

Many soulmates in physical union claim to be twinflames because I assume they don’t realise they are not. This doesn’t ever matter until they start giving out information that can be destructive. With a twinflame you are two bodies, one shared consciousness. We talk about telepathy but it’s very different with a twinflame or aContinue reading “A soulmate is nothing like a twinflame but a twinflame is a soulmate.”