You have the power to turn your twinflame around.

what are your beliefs ?

I often come across twinflame guides saying that you should love and appreciate your twinflames karmic partner or any other attachment for being there and teaching your twin a lesson. I want to share with you why I don’t think you should and why I think this is an incorrect belief to install. Three years ago I was meant to be with my twinflame. I was guided to him and shown a reality whenever I was on a crossroad. On no less than 3 occasions when he was just about to be with me, I panicked. It was I that needed to face something. It was I that needed to trust.

I knew he’d love me no matter what but I was afraid. Not only was I unable to receive love, I was not my best version and I felt I’d have to explain my insecurities. I did see we’d get through it.

Since then I discovered that what I focused on he also focused on. Can you imagine what you are doing when you are telling yourself that your twin is meant to be with someone else and imagining that. Even flitting to that thought.

When the kundalini rising erupts we become one. Sharing our thoughts, feelings and desires. At no point should you believe that your twin should be with anyone but you. If you believe they only love you then guess what ?

Sit for a moment and meditate, then imagine them with you in your ideal situation. Enjoy that visualisation because right in that moment that’s what you are creating.

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