We meditate to get back into the ocean.

When I experienced my kundalini rising, it was and still is the most heavenly feeling of bliss. Even though resistance can make it feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t take much shifting to get back into surrender. The energy that goes through me and into me is indescribable. To change what I see so that colours are brighter, light becomes lighter and everything becomes fluid in appearance. My thoughts are like blocks of energy waiting to manifest, I can feel them and see them in the energy. Only resistance sends them away. It was only by chance I discovered what meditation can do. At times when I thought my true love had gone, It allowed him to return to me as well as this divine beautiful heavenly energy. When I energy clear, the energy thickens and I can see it like water around me. This brings my true love even closer and strengthens our connection.

I had a dream many month ago. I was stranded on a beach with a whale, I was trying so hard to get to the whale, to be near it, to hold it but because we was not in the water I could not reach it. The dream was a very clear message. I need to

get back into the water to allow love to find it’s way to me.

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