Don’t let anyone talk you out of your twinflame union.

Twinflame guides and people who see themselves as spiritual teachers can be very misguiding at times. Not one person will have all the correct answers. That’s why it’s really important to listen to your spirit guides.

Twice this week I have seen teachers saying the twinflame connection is not about the physical union. Tell that to the many beautiful twins in union fulfilling their life purpose and living their dream lives.

Ultimately it’s about physical union and the light you share. It’s about choosing love. In order to get there we need to heal our blocks to self love, It’s not about fixing everything, it’s just simply loving every part of ourselves, feeling worthy and allowing ourselves to receive. Which means letting go of fear.

If I was to believe what is being said out there, then that would mean I’d be choosing not to believe my own spirit guides. And why is physical union my deepest desire? Because it’s my soul desire. Everything that comes with it is my life purpose.

If I wasn’t meant to be in physical union then why would I be shown it.

I do wonder if some twinflames tell themselves and others it’s not about the union as a coping mechanisms for the separation, by doing that they are creating more of it.

It is very painful beyond understanding but that doesn’t mean you should justify it.

I was never meant to go into separation with mine and yet I made it happen.

Everyone is worthy of fulfilling their destiny.

No one belongs with your twinflame other than you and no one deserves to settle with your twinflame because your twinflame is in love with you, your twinflame is you.

If you don’t feel like they are in love with you then that’s where you need to work on your self love and ability to receive love.

It’s really important that you listen to your own guides and not give total power away.

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