Reality is an illusion, only love is real.

After I experienced a kundalini rising and became even more powerful, I was in such high vibrations that I was unable to think a negative thought. I remember thinking they would just bounce because I was unable to think them …almost like a ball bouncing of the wall but as time went on and I kept delaying my twinflame union due to my own fears, I’d run 🏃and off course he would mirror that. ( although I didn’t he was mirroring that at the time) The energy started to go down in vibration.

I was not doing any spiritual work because although I was directed to it I didn’t believe it would work. when I say spiritual work I mean energy clearing to keep the vibration up. So as my vibration went down, negative thoughts suddenly occur and if persistent they would manifest in my reality. I start to question ‘well what is real?’ This can’t be real? maybe love is an illusion. If this was meant to be then surely it would come to be no matter what I’m thinking?. I come to the realisation that this is all one mindxxxx. I sat down and once again I have to remove myself from out of my head. I became present. I became peaceful.

That is when I felt the truth. Always in my heart. That love. He’s love and my love. Its so beautiful and I can not question it.

It’s always there no matter what I’m thinking.

We create our realities but our hearts tell us where we should go.

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#twinflame #twinflames

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