Twinflame separation ends when the emotional body heals

The first time I went into separation with my twin soul it was two years ago. I didn’t know it was separation though and it was just before we was about to start a relationship. I knew this not only because I was intuitive and could feel it but because I went to other psychic readers to confirm it. All these energy shifts was new to me, I needed support and I’m still so grateful for the support I got. One night I experienced a burst of negative energy which I’ll go into how and what at a later date. I was unable to feel him or all that was meant to be. So I was directed to ‘ENERGY CLEARING TOOL KIT’ through an angelic dream. Within just a few weeks of doing the live clearings daily I was in heaven again, I could feel love. Feel him around me and within me.

In order for our twinflames to be in our realities we need to stay positive, stay positive towards our counterparts, love ourselves fully, heal ours fears, allow them to love us and clear the energy regularly. This shorten separation.

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